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How do we increase disabled persons’ employment level?
How do we improve communication between blind and visually impaired people, and people with normal sight?
How do we make hospital-replacing technologies available in remote and isolated areas?
How do we help families with children save time in applying for aid?
How do we ensure availability of social services to single seniors and people with disabilities in remote regions?
How do we improve social services accessibility and quality?
How do we set up a rehabilitation space for limited mobility or immobile people?
How do we increase life expectancy of elderly people, and compensate empathy deficit for orphaned children?
How do we involve fathers is caring, teaching and developing disabled children?
How do we ensure good quality of life for seniors and disabled persons?
How do we draw a regional poverty profile?
What should we do to ensure accessibility and good quality of social services?
How can locally produced goods help socially vulnerable groups?
How do we improve elderly people’s quality of life?