What is replication?
This is the process of introducing a new mechanism for addressing urgent issues for a region/municipality/organization into practice, with the support of a team of practice authors and employees of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).
  • Implementation Moderator - is an ASI representative responsible for organizing and supporting the practice implementation in a region.
  • Mentor - is one or more team members who have experience in implementing a specific practice and have sufficient knowledge to advise on the application of this practice.
  • Recipients - are one or more team members who have sufficient authority to organize the process of implementing the selected practice in their region.
    • Mentors/Recipients may include:
    • - regional and municipal authorities, budgetary institutions;
    • - non-profit organizations;
    • - profit-making organizations
Replication Process
  • Stage 1: Confirmation and Implementation Commencement
    1. Requests for practice implementation are distributed among the responsible Implementation Moderators.
    2. The Implementation Moderator collects questions on practice and provides feedback to the recipient.
    3. The Implementation Moderator organizes a video conference with the participation of practice authors and other Recipients, where all participants can discuss implementation details.
  • Stage 2: Implementation
    1. Practice implementation commencement and following the roadmap action points (optional), supported by the author team and ASI staff.
    2. The Mentor advises Recipients on the practice implementation. The Implementation Moderator monitors the process and provides support where necessary.
    3. After 6 months, the Recipient receives a reminder to upload the implementation results on the platform.
  • Stage 3: Result Verification and Validation
    1. At the end of the implementation process, the Recipient clicks the “Add result” button on the selected practice and fills in the implementation results.
    2. The Implementation Moderator validates the replication results with the participation of an interdepartmental panel. After that, the results of replication are published on the practice page.
  • Stage 4: Feedback Collection
    Collecting feedback on replication from practice beneficiaries with the participation of public representatives and expert communities.
  • Stage 5: Updating the Results
    The practice implementation results are updated upon the lapse of 6 and every subsequent 12 months from the date of the last result publication.