Demonstration test according to WorldSkills Russia standards
Вопрос практики - What should we do to close the gap between the requirements and the staff training quality?
Secondary vocational education
Implementation period: 1 month
Подготовительный этап
от 1 мес.
Команда практики

Рейтинг качества жизни

Влияет на показатели:
Образование и развитие:
• Доля выпускников СПО, сдававших демонстрационный экзамен по стандартам Ворлдскиллс

Practice description


Practice result

Implementation cost: Up to 500 thousand ₽

Implementation stages

1 month

How do I make education process transparent, and services more accommodating?
How do we provide high quality accessible education to every child?
How do we set up remote classes in our school during the quarantine?
How do we make extracurricular education services more efficient?
How do I best choose my future occupation or profession, and learn about my career prospects?